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Conditions of Use

Elle Jewellery Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions

Ownership of the goods shall not pass until the Customer has paid all monies due for the Goods and all other outstanding debts to the Supplier.

The risk of the Goods shall run with the Customer who shall insure from the time of delivery and interest of the Supplier noted on the policy. Until payment in full is made, the Customer shall hold the Goods as fiduciary on behalf of the Supplier.

The Customer shall store the Goods separately so as to be readily identifiable as the Goods and property of the Supplier.

The Customer shall have the authority to on-sell the Goods to third parties in the ordinary course of its business and the supplier constitutes the Customer as its Agent solely for this purpose.

If the Goods are on-sold, the Customer agrees to immediately account to the supplier for all the proceeds thereof and until such accounting, the Customer shall keep the proceeds of any Sale in trust for the Supplier in a separate bank account.

Any failure to do the above shall not vitiate the Supplier's retention of ownership unless the Supplier has agreed in writing to any departure from these provisions.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Supplier or any proper agent or representative thereof is empowered to enter onto any premises of the Customer or of any other person where the Goods are stored in the event of any default in payment or in the event of the appointment of a mortgagee, agent, trustee, receiver, administrator or liquidator to the Customer or to all or any of its assets in order that the supplier may be able to re-take possession of the Goods and/or the Proceeds of any sale thereof and in so doing, the Supplier or its proper agents or representatives shall not be guilty of any trespass and shall have a licence to enter any such premises for these purposes.